General terms and conditios of sale

1. General
1.1 TELCAL S.r.L.  is a company with Quality Management System Certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000
1.2 All components are suitable for lift installation within their technical characteristic limits. Some components are accompanied of EC Declaration of Conformity according to in force norms.
1.3 The sale contract is executed with the acceptance of orders on behalf of Telcal..
1.4 All customer orders are not negotiable and subject to following terms of sale, with the exception of modified and confirmed agreement in writing.

2. Offers
2.1 The offers are valid for sixty (60) days from the date of issue except where otherwise agreed in writing.
3. Prices
3.1 The prices in our price list may be subject to a 5% change without prior notice.

4. Orders
4.1 Only written are accepted normally. Any eventual variance does not constitute a precedence and is at the Client’s sole liability.
2.2 It our right to accept or refuse any modifications or cancellations depending on the state of the order.
5. Supplying
5.1 Information, technical characteristics and dimensions are approximate.

6. Minimal orders
6.1 Monthly orders less than € 150 will be changed an administrative fee of € 15.

7. Delivery dates
7.1 The delivery dates are only general. No warranty is given on delivery dates, unless  otherwise specified in writing.
7.2 In case of urgent delivery, therefore in reduced lead-times, this is guaranteed depending by Factory productivity.

8. Packaging and Transportation
8.1 Goods are properly packaged by us according to internal norm IL 15.01.
8.2 Reels in good condition return by clients, will be reimbursed with the same value.
8.3 Goods are normally ex works our Factory or Customer Factory with accredit of transport cost.
8.4 The risk of loss, damage and theft is passed to the Client once the goods are in the possession of the transporter or forwarder.

9. Warranty
9.1 Twelve (12) months from date of delivery note, with repairs and refund of defective parts if done in our Merate Factory.
9.2 The warranty is void in the case of goods being tampered with and/or damaged or used for purposes as otherwise defined by standards or in our Catalogue.
9.3 Not included in the warranty are parts in deterioration like: ropes, guide shoes, etc…
9.4 In case of request of repairs, if damage is included in warranty terms and if our staff will take care of the repair we will invoice (in Italy and abroad) inactive hours only.

10. Return of merchandise
10.1 The return of any merchandise  must be agreed and authorized by Telcal.
10.2 The cost of returned merchandise is always at the Client’s charge, unless otherwise specified in writing.

11. Payments
11.1 the terms of payment are given and defined in the price list and with personal according to  our Clients.

12. Disputes
12.1 Please refer to the Italian Civil Code for general terms and conditions of sale not mentioned herein. Any disputes will be settled by the COURT of MILAN.